Jett is a duelist who benefits from a high-confidence and aggressive playstyle. Her abilities enable her to get in unpredictable locations and escape quickly without being punished, making it easy for her to rack up first bloods, and also making her well-suited to using the Operator. In this article, we’ll show you everything you need to know to dominate your opponents and jet away to safety!

Passive Ability: Drift

Very few agents have passive abilities – in fact, until Neon was added, it was only Jett who had one. As expected, a passive ability is always active, and Jett’s doesn’t need to be recharged. By holding space when you’re in the air, Drift allows you to slow down your falling speed, helping you to make jumps which wouldn’t be possible for other agents.

Via: Valorant

It’s important to be aware that the other team can hear when you’re using Drift, which may give away your location. This can especially put you at a disadvantage if you’ve positioned yourself on top of a structure to catch them off-guard, as they can use the sound cue to pre-fire you when they peek.


Via: Valorant
  • Cost: 200 credits, up to 2 total
  • Duration: 4.5s

Cloudbursts are small and short-lived smokes which are thrown rather than placed like a controller’s, giving you more flexibility as to where they land. They don’t last long but they do buy enough time to reposition or gain an advantage, as well as potentially complementing your team’s other smokes. The smoke follows the direction of your crosshair until it lands.

A common use of this ability is throwing a smoke in the middle of the site to dash into. While your enemies can spam it, you’re much harder to hit than if you dashed on-site without any kind of cover. It might even enable a teammate pushing behind you to get a good timing on anyone trying to spam you! You can also smoke off an angle after getting a kill to help you escape, again benefitting from denying vision to the other team.

Via: Valorant

Of course, you can also use cloudburst like an ordinary controller smoke, helping your team to cross, delaying a push. However, the reduced duration makes them less effective, as well as requiring you to be close to your intended location in order to deploy them. You can also set up one-ways which enable you to see other players without them being able to see you. These can usually be found in doorways, where you can see their legs and therefore figure out where their heads are, while they don’t have any sight on you.

Abilities which gather info such as Chamber’s traps, Killjoy’s turret, and Sova darts can be easily smoked off, which can mislead your opponents into thinking certain angles are clear, or helping you to flank undetected. Especially when it comes to flank-watching, they are likely to fall complacent as they think they’re protected, so you can pincer them and get at least one easy pick.


Via: Valorant
  • Cost: 150 credits, up to 2 total
  • Duration: 0.6s

Updraft is a pretty self-explanatory ability – it launches you upwards! You can use it to easily get yourself into unexpected places, see further, or neutralize enemy utility like a Sage or Viper wall. Even though it makes a distinctive noise, the other team will need lightning reflexes to flick upwards in time to deal with you.

Some examples of commonly used angles are on top of the boxes on Haven B site, or on top of the tube on Icebox. The main strength of this position on Haven is that it lets you take the window fight even if your Sage walls off B, so you aren’t completely giving up mid.

Via: Valorant

Even when you’re expected in a certain location, it can still be difficult to deal with you if you have someone nearby to take fights on the ground. On a similar vein, you could even peek an angle while updrafting, with a teammate running in underneath you, making sure that you can overwhelm your opponents and successfully trade. However, you should still try to switch up the spots you use so you don’t get pre-fired, and to prevent your opponents from figuring out how to deal with you.

You can take advantage of the sound that updrafting makes by faking the maneuver, using the ability but landing on the floor again instead of on higher ground. This can completely throw off your enemies who will now expect you to peek them from a different angle, which they’ll likely pre-aim, and you can use the element of surprise to get an easy pick.

Double updrafting can give you enough height to see over pretty much any ability or map structure, and can be particularly useful to use when you’ve ulted. There are even spots on some maps where you can gain a lot of vision over walls and attack players who are very far away – by the time they figure out where you are – if that even happens – they’ll be dead!


Via: Valorant
  • Cost: Free, 2 kill recharge
  • Windup: 0.75s
  • Duration: 12s (Charged), 0.45s (Dash)

Tailwind, more commonly referred to as a dash, is the core mechanic on Jett’s toolkit. This ability is what enables her to get away quickly from angles where she would ordinarily be at a disadvantage, and is the biggest reason why she thrives when given an Operator. Simply dash away immediately after getting a kill and you can’t be traded!

After the recent 4.08 patch, Jett’s dash was completely reworked. Instead of being able to use it whenever you want, you now have to plan ahead for situations where you’re likely to want to dash away. Double-tapping your E key isn’t viable due to the activation delay of 0.75s, so now skill and good gamesense are rewarded even more! The reduced flexibility has led to many switching to Chamber instead, who can teleport anytime – this is reflected in pro gameplays too. Don’t be sad, Jett…

Via: Valorant

The latest update means you could also waste your Tailwind by activating it and then not needing to use it, so be strategic and play off info your team has provided. You can still take aggressive early round fights, but you might then not have access to it later, unless you get 2 kills. You can also start the timer when you’re about to push onto a site for an execute or retake.

The dash is also very strong when used in combinations with Jett’s other movement-based abilities. It can help you to get in unusual locations or even updraft and dash over the top of enemy players to completely mess up their crosshair placement!

Blade Storm

Via: Valorant
  • 7 points
  • Damage: 150 head, 50 body and legs

Blade Storm gives you a total of 5 knives to throw at your enemies. Accuracy is rewarded as headshots instantly kill even fully armored players. There are 2 ways to fire – left-clicking, which shoots a single knife at a time, or right-clicking, which throws all remaining knives with reduced accuracy.

Since it deals similar damage to a gun, you don’t need to buy a weapon in a round where you plan to use your ult, so you can drop a gun to a teammate instead. This makes Blade Storm great for your team’s economy! Just beware if the other team has a Kayo – he can leave you with only a pistol to defend yourself! You also need to plan carefully to ensure you aren’t caught out if you run out of knives.

Via: Valorant

It’s best practice to pop your ult at the start of the round so you can pull it out whenever you need. It will remain available even if you pull out another weapon, so you don’t need to worry about losing it – Blade Storm will last as long as you still have knives left.

When deciding which firing mode to use, you should only right-click if you’re taking a close engagement to guarantee more knives hitting. Think carefully about what your next move will be too, as if you use up all of your knives on one person, you might not get the maximum value out of them. Left-clicking is pretty accurate at range too, although of course you can’t scope.

Unlike ordinary weapons, the accuracy of your knives doesn’t suffer if you use them while in the air, so you can take full advantage of your movement to gain the upper hand. Updrafting then drifting allows you to throw off the crosshair placement of your opponents as they have to flick upwards to fire at you, and by then you’ll have had plenty of time to headshot them first.

That’s it for our Valorant Jett guide – now you’re ready to open up rounds for your team! If you found this article helpful, be sure to check out our website for more!