Chamber has gained popularity amongst skilled aimers, with his unique weapons rewarding those with strong mechanical ability. Though he is classed as a sentinel, he can be used more as a hybrid duellist since his teleporters allow him to entry effectively. In this guide, we’ll help you understand how to get the most out of Chamber and become a tour de force to be reckoned with!


Via: Valorant
  • Cost: 200 credits
  • Effect: 9.5s 50% slow

Chamber’s Trademark is what makes him fit into the sentinel category, with a similar function to Killjoy’s Alarm Bot or Cypher’s Trapwire. However, it has the capability to affect multiple enemies at once unlike these other abilities, as it creates a lingering field that slows players inside it. This is triggered as soon as a member of the other team gets within range, but the slow applies to anyone, including yourself, so be careful not to get caught in it too!

The information gained with the Trademark can have a huge impact on a round. If you place it strategically behind you, you mostly don’t need to worry about your flank unless it’s triggered, so you can focus your full attention on the potential engagements in front of you. The enemy can destroy it by shooting it or using abilities, but you’ll be alerted to that with a voiceline, so you won’t always lose out on any info. To prevent them being destroyed at longer ranges, it’s good practice to hide them in corners or tight angles.

Via: Valorant

Try to be unpredictable with the placement of your traps and don’t always put them in the same place, round after round. Sova players have started to learn lineups to destroy common Trademark positions with their shock darts early on in rounds!

Like other similar abilities, it can also be smoked off to allow your opponents to sneak through undetected – for this reason it’s important to not completely forget about watching pushes from behind, even though there’s less pressure for you to be constantly mindful of it.

On the defender side, this ability lets you play more passively if you place it at the entry to sites. Especially if you take an aggressive peek at the start of the round and teleport off-site, it will help make your retake setup stronger. The instant slow also makes it easier to anchor the site and neutralize explosive attacks.

An example of a great place to use your Trademark to minimize the angles you can be pushed from is on Split, in mid vent. The diameter of the slow will effectively trap your opponent inside and give you plenty of time to cover yourself, or get a much easier kill. All it takes is for a friendly Raze to throw her nade into it to finish off the sitting duck (or entire flock)!

Via: Valorant

Other possible positions include one close to a planted spike to stop the defenders from tapping it and wide-swinging, or close to the entrance of the site you don’t plan to execute onto so you get early warning if the enemy is getting aggressive.

Just remember that with the 4.09 patch limiting Chamber to just one trap, you’ll need to be more strategic about where you position it to ensure you get maximum value.


Via: Valorant
  • Cost: 100 credits per bullet, up to 8 bullets total
  • Damage: 159 head, 55 body, 46 legs

The Headhunter is an incredibly powerful pistol – it’s effectively a cheaper Sheriff, with no damage falloff at range and better accuracy! While you need to ration your bullets more than with other guns, their low cost means you can stock up on plenty, and the instant kill on headshot enables you to fight back even on an eco.

With bullets just 100 credits apiece, it makes for an obvious pistol round buy to stock up on ammo while still having plenty to spare for armor or other abilities.

Via: Valorant

If you still aren’t sold by just how good this gun is, you can even scope with it, making it viable even at long ranges! Generally in Valorant scoping is a bad idea unless you’re shooting at an opponent far away from you (or have a sniper rifle!) but the Headhunter is pretty quick to fire and given the headshot damage, it’s definitely worth doing what you can to have greater accuracy!

Via: Valorant


Via: Valorant
  • Cost: Free
  • Duration: 1.3s
  • Cooldown: 20s
  • Health: 80hp

Rendezvous enables you to teleport between two points, providing they are within a set distance and you’re close enough to one of them. When you’re in range, you’ll see a gold outline on your screen. The enemy will also receive a visual cue as Chamber’s vest will appear yellow as opposed to its usual blue.

There’s a lot you can do with this ability! One common use is for fast rotates, because if you place a teleporter in your spawn or close to the other site, you can cover ground more quickly to support your teammates. A notable example of this is on Bind, where if you place one tp in B cubby and one in A lamps, you can move between sites almost instantaneously. Just be careful of a lurking enemy potentially catching you off guard at the other end!

Via: Valorant

You can also get a similar effect to Jett’s updraft by placing one teleporter on top of crates or other raised structures. When used sparingly, you can surprise the other team by attacking from an angle they wouldn’t normally have to clear. A common high vantage point used by Chamber and Jett players alike is on top of the boxes on Haven B site, usually peeking mid early and escaping with an easy kill.

Via: Valorant

Perhaps the best usage ever is the ability to take very aggressive off-angles. Just like Jett’s dash, you can set up in a position that would normally be a “one and done” but escape for free by teleporting away. You can cover much more distance than a dash making Rendezvous much more flexible. Be ready to activate the ability as soon as you shoot as there is a very short window where you could still be traded, or punished if you miss.

Since it’s possible to recall your teleporters after they’ve been placed (no matter how far away from them you are!), you can try out multiple positions over the course of the round, as soon as they’ve recharged. This makes them even more versatile and gives you plenty of opportunities to get out of situations where the enemy has the upper hand.

Just be careful not to leave your teleporters too exposed, because if your opponent destroys one, you’ll be left stranded in a potentially unfavorable position. It’s also possible they might try to camp them; a nearby Trademark can help alert you to any risks teleporting may present.

Tour de Force

Via: Valorant
  • 7 points
  • Ammo: 5 bullets
  • Windup: 2.3s
  • Damage: 255 head, 150 body, 150 legs
  • Effect: Creates a 9.5s 50% slow field at the site of each kill

Imagine an Operator that was faster to equip, fire and recover – and you have the Tour de Force! This weapon is truly terrifying to peek into, and that’s not even taking into account that every kill creates a slow field just like the Trademark! You’ll often have time to kill multiple enemies close to each other if they get stuck in this slow. Once again, it’s important to be aware that this affects any player, including you and your team.

As it takes a moment for Chamber to take out when you first trigger the ult, it’s common for people to activate it at the start of the round It will last as long as it has bullets. It will then be quick to pull out whenever you need it. The tradeoff with triggering it as early as possible is that you can’t guarantee you’ll have the opportunity to use it in a given round, but it’s usually better to have it ready if you need it later on rather than making yourself vulnerable by having to wait out the activation time.

Via: Valorant

The main disadvantage of the Tour de Force is that its ammo is limited to 5 bullets, but realistically this isn’t much of a downside. You can afford to miss a couple of shots, though try to avoid attempting more optimistic wallbangs (essentially, just be slightly more disciplined than you would be with a normal sniper rifle). Especially if you can switch to your Headhunter as a secondary weapon, you’ll be near unstoppable – if your aim is good enough, you won’t even need any extra ammo!

With both this sniper rifle and the ability to teleport away after firing, it’s no wonder Chamber is challenging Jett as the go-to sniper agent, especially with the recent changes to her dash.

That’s it for our Valorant Chamber guide – now you’re ready to open up rounds for your team with easy early picks! If you found this article helpful, be sure to check out our other guides to level up your gameplay!