Zombie Army Trilogy is a third person shooter, independent game set in the World War II era. It’s a gore-filled, action packed game that will keep you playing for hours. We’ve only played the first two levels and it was more than enough to get us hooked!

Zombie Army Trilogy
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We were quite impressed by the amount of detail in each character’s outfit – they are all decked out in full uniform complete with helmets or Nazi caps! There are 8 characters to choose from: Karl Fairburne, Dr Efram Schwaiger, Boris Medvedev, Hermann Wolff, Beth Coleman, Marie Chevalier, Anya Bochkareva and Hanna Schulz. Each has their own backstory too which you find out as you play through the game.

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The plot centres around a secret zombie army created by Adolf Hitler himself to try and win World War II for Germany…although it doesn’t work out that well for him because he gets splatted before he can unleash his hordes on Europe! You get tasked to take down this undead menace though so it’s up to you whether you want to save the day or just kill for fun!

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The game has a reasonably good storyline with lots of gore to keep you entertained! There are plenty of weapons too which means there’s no shortage in killing tactics – it’s just whether or not you can handle all the blood splattering everywhere…you’ve got your usual guns like shotguns, rifles, etc., plus some more unique ones like grenades that turn zombies into vomit (kudos if this sounds familiar but let’s be honest here, it doesn’t make any difference). You also get access to melee weapons such as machetes and shovels which we found particularly satisfying when using on slow moving creatures.

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The game feels great to play and looks beautiful too: there are some really cool death animations when you kill zombies that haven’t been seen in any other games before now, such as the zombie coming face to face with your character only for an explosion of blood to burst out behind them just before their head gets knocked off by someone else shooting nearby without even looking! This game has some pretty realistic physics which makes for a great atmosphere when you get into the heat of battle and it feels dynamic with all sorts of objects flying around.

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The enemies come in many different shapes and forms with unique abilities too: one type might be tough as nails while another is fast moving or can spit acid at you from afar if any of them are foolish enough to venture out without cover nearby. There is always something new around every corner that keeps gameplay fresh by introducing a variety of zombie types throughout each level, so there isn’t ever really a dull moment during combat despite playing on harder difficulties, making zombies take more shots to kill…there were only two levels that gave us any real trouble on the hardest difficulty (the final level and another one near the end). Thankfully, they weren’t too long so we were able to power through them eventually!

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There is a lot of gore throughout this game which fans of first person shooters like us will love: zombies exploding into chunks when you shoot them, heads popping off with satisfying results if you aim for specific body parts or just spray an area with bullets. It really gets fantastic when you get a one-shot kill, typically with a sniper rifle, and the game switches to slow-mo and reveal the skeletal parts, a la Mortal Kombat lethal blow style.

The game has an appropriate soundtrack that matches up with events happening in each level which adds to its overall atmosphere.

The only thing we didn’t like was how short it was, but at least you can play through levels again as different characters if you want to give them more time or just replay them all over again once you beat the campaign mode.

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This has been an incredibly satisfying adventure and definitely one of the best FPS games we’ve played so far: it is gory with lots of fun to be had and you will never get bored!

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