King of Retail, created by Freaking Games, is a tycoon simulator where you run a retail store and make profit by selling items to customers.

King of Retail Review
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The game starts with the player as the owner of a new shop. You have to hire employees, design your store, and buy products from different stores in order to attract more customers and to earn money. You have different options on where and when to buy products so buying overpriced items isn’t necessarily bad, especially if your profits are even higher! There are ways to earn more money by completing certain tasks or meeting goals but they aren’t mandatory in order to progress through levels successfully.

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In this business simulation game, there isn’t any time limit for progressing through the levels so it could be a little slow-going for those who need instant gratification or fast-paced action. However, the game has a wide variety of levels and options that will keep you coming back for more!

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One area where King of Retail really shines is its user interface. The UI is extremely intuitive and easy to use, which makes getting around in the game very easy even if it isn’t always obvious what tasks need to be completed. The graphics are also wonderful; they definitely aren’t at all “old school”-looking like so many retro games can look these days. It’s not often we see such an attractive retail business simulation!

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Overall this program gets high marks from us on presentation as well as function – though we do wish there was some kind of way to play it without having your computer online. We love this game’s every aspect and we recommend this to anyone who loves a good management game.

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