Weighing in at more than 40 tons, scaling heights at 20 feet and reaching across an incredible 70 feet of lands, the Apatosaurus is one of the largest dinosaurs to ever roam Earth! Thankfully, it’s vegetarian!

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As a massive herbivore, surviving in Beasts of Bermuda isn’t all that difficult, if you can think of it like a tank in the game, but it still doesn’t mean you can saunter any which way you desire — even kings have enemies!

Let’s look at the characteristics of the Apatosaurus, so you know what you sign up for if you choose this creature!


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Because of its size, the Apatosaurus has an enormous appetite, and so it eats frequently. Fortunately, it eats almost any kind of plant, so finding food shouldn’t be a challenge. An adult Apatosaurus can even eat trees! It also drinks a tremendous amount of water — so much so that a pond can be sucked dry!

Health Pool

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The Apatosaurus has the largest HP in the game. This, coupled with its ability to attack effectively from any angle, makes it difficult to kill. And this in effect discourages most predators from attacking it in the first place and allows the Apatosaurus to live a peaceful and generally undisturbed adult life. This is probably you start taking notes in class!

Weather Resistance

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Another feature of the Apatosaurus is its resistance to weather, which is the highest of any terrestrial animal in the game. Not only does it boast a superb resistance to harsh weather, it can also grant some of this resistance to nearby members of the herd through talents. So the Apatosaurus is effectively a “walking shelter.” Finally, once it attains a growth of 0.8, the Apatosaurus becomes immune to tornadoes. Imagine that!


There are two forms of attack; the stomp attack and the tail whip attack. It performs the stomp attack is by rearing up and then stomping the ground. This wounds any nearby animal or even kills them. However, you cannot turn while performing this move unless you invest in the “Turn while stomping” talent.

Via: Youtube/Lizardian
Via: Youtube/Lizardian

The tail whip attack is a more reliable means of attack that involves coiling up the Apatosaurus’ tail and then releasing it so it shoots forward and cracks like a whip. This inflicts serious damage on any creature the tail hits.


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The Apatosaurus’ main weakness is its severe lack of speed. It is the slowest creature in the game, and it’s so slow, many creatures overtake it by merely walking. This makes it vulnerable to fast creatures, who can bring it down with hit-and-run tactics.

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Large predators can also survive multiple tail whip attacks and still inflict serious damage on the Apatosaurus. Physically, its major weakness is its long neck, which is more vulnerable when lowered.

Danger Comes From Way Up High

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The Apatosaurus is a very dangerous creature to fight, despite its weaknesses, and it is a common thing to see it overwhelm its opponent completely in a fight, especially if controlled by a skilled player. Below is a summary of its strengths and weaknesses:


  • High resistance to weather
  • Immense health pool
  • Very good back up
  • High damage output
  • Can shelter herd mates


  • Vulnerable when young
  • Takes time to grow
  • Very slow
  • Almost defenseless against groups of carnivores
  • Leaves behind an easily detectable scent trail
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Remember these as you roam the wild of the Jurassic age and enjoy standing tall over everyone else!