The Icthyovenator

The Icthyovenator (often shortened to Icthy and misspelled [perhaps deliberately] as Itchy) is an interesting dinosaur in Beasts of Bermuda. They are extremely fast in the water but slow on land. They’re considered a Piscivorous creature, which means they eat fish primarily, and this also means they excel at catching them. Icthyovenator is also a Semi-aquatic-type dinosaur. They live mostly in the water but can go onto land, as well. The Icthy is very adept at swimming in water. They even have a skill that only works in the water (more on that later)!

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They can be difficult for a lot of predators to catch because they’re able to dive into the water when being chased by land predators, and escape to land when approached by deep-sea threats like the Mosasaurus (it has an ability to help escape the clutches of these dangers!).


They are amazingly fast swimmers. They must rely on fish rather than hunting other creatures. Icthys are decent fighters and have a fast growth cycle in-game. But they are also prey to aquatic creatures like the Mosasaurus or Kronosaurus (which is larger than the Mosasaurus). They also have low hunger and mobility on land.

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The Icthyovenator’s primary attack is a simple bite that does low damage with moderate speed. The secondary has 2 modes, depending on if it’s on land or in water. On land, it swipes its claws inwards in a clapping-like motion. It does the same damage as its primary, but with a much wider range, especially on the sides of the dinosaur. In the water, it dart forwards.

One way to make use of its secondary while in the water, along with the proper Talent skill unlocked, is the ability to get out of the jaws of a Mosasaurus at the cost of high amounts of ability power and suffering injury damage. Make sure you level the Thick Hide and Strong Bones abilities to mitigate the damage, that way, this ability won’t hurt as much.

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Just like all other aquatic creatures, the Icthyovenator can detect fish using your scent key instead of a regular sniff that land-dwelling dinos have. Make sure to make use of this, due to its hunger draining a bit faster than some other dinosaurs’.


Due to its low hunger & mobility on land, you will always have to keep an eye out for predators and food. Make sure to watch out for both Mosasaurus and Kronosaurus. The Krono (often called that in-game) can swiftly ambush your dino in the water before you even have a chance to react. On land, the Tyrannosaurus and Acrocanthosaurus are both faster than it and are its primary dangers. The Lurdusaurus can also pose a threat if it chases your dino to the water, and pummel it with damaging attacks.

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Tips for Survival

We recommend leveling Aqua-Affinity; as it can and will save your dino’s life in the water, which you’ll be spending a lot of time in. Level into that as soon as you can. Although continuing in the speed tree can be helpful, it isn’t always the best choice. The Survival and ability-related trees are more useful as an Icthyovenator.

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It is not a dino that should get into combat. Your primary focus is survival when playing as Icthy. Its primary predator is the Mosasaurus since it can grab your dino in its jaws. Once your Itchy is larger, fish will no longer be the best food source, unless you level into full Scavenger (3 points). Aqua Affinity, Thick Hide, and Strong Bones are the most essential skills for you to put your points into. Make sure you max all three of those out. Rather than trying to stand your ground against larger predators, your best choice for survival is to just swim/run away. This can be against any predator, but most often towards Acrocanthosaurus, Mosasaurus, and Tyrannosaurus Rex, its most dangerous enemies.

Rating: Fun!

The Icthyovenator is a fun dinosaur if you want to try out a semi-aquatic creature. They are a good ‘middle ground’ dinosaur once you get your feet wet (pun intended!) in Beasts of Bermuda, after, say, the Velociraptor.

Via: Youtube/Leiurus Gaming

That’s Not All!

With so many different dinosaurs to choose from, we had a hard time choosing some of the most interesting ones, the Icthyovenator included. Accompanying this slick reptile are the Velociraptor (“Velo” for short) and Acrocanthosaurus (“Acro” for short). Do check out what these two amazing dinos can do!