Tekken 7
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Since the dawn of fighting games, there’s always been discussion, arguments, and opinions surrounding each playable character. Some are hailed as strong, while others are condemned as weak. Tekken is not exempt from complete rundowns from almost every player from casual players to professional players. Professional players all over the world build a Tekken 7 tier list based on their opinions on their strengths as well as objective statistics. A tier list for any game is mainly based on the current “meta.”

What’s the Meta with You?

If you’re familiar with any fighting game tournament, or any video game tournament, you often hear the term “meta” through around. Fighting games, in particular, use the word more often than other genres because the meta for fighting games can change often. Whether there are nerfs to a character’s strengths, a boost to a character’s weaknesses, or the addition of new playable characters in a game, the meta can change almost overnight.

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What Meta’s Most

Players build Tekken 7 tier lists based on the current meta. The tier list is based on the optimal or best way to play the game to win. Choosing a character based on how they can counter another character in Tekken 7 is an example of following a meta. If you’ve ever watched a Tekken 7 live stream or participated in competitive play, then you’ll notice a change in the characters who are chosen to play based on the current meta. Unfortunately, that means some playable characters will be played more often than others. Once popular characters might be thrown down a tier list if players believe they were nerfed or disadavantaged against new characters or a new meta.

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Thinking with Heart VS Thinking with Stats

In the case of Tekken 7, the tier list can also be put together based on competitive wins. Even with objective statistics, some people still believe a tier list is based completely on opinion. For example, Steve Fox has always been near or at the top of a Tekken 7 tier list due to his abilities. He originally came with a weaker Rage Drive than the other playable characters. However, once he obtained a new Rage Drive, he shot up in the ranking objectively because his enhancement made him one of the best characters in the game.

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Also, many believe that Hwoarang, with his famous Flamingo stance, still has one of the best combo moves in the game. Their opinion is based on how easy he is to use for more casual players. Those who are better with Tekken 7 in their hands can master Hwoarang, who doesn’t have a difficult moveset to master and play competitively. That’s what puts him at the top of the Tekken 7 tier list with Steve Fox!

However, the meta can always change. People can find counters to the winning strategies of other players to find the perfect counter to their strategies. The Tekken 7 tier list is what makes the game more exciting because it is always evolving with its metagame!

Gamepleton’s Tekken 7 Tier List of POWER!

The strength of one character is only relative to the strength and weaknesses of other characters. One entire patch can change the metagame completely to where characters who were once underused can be in the spotlight for a while. That is why a tier list doesn’t always stay the same. Every time Tekken 7, for example, receives an update, its tier list can completely change if game balances, nerfs, or other judgments are made. Now, behold Gamepleton’s very own Tekken 7 Tier List of Immeasurable and Immense POWER!



Jin has great counters but his best offense is his poke game. His range might be lacking but Jin has a lot of mobility.

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Dragnuov has always been one of the more powerful players in the game and has stayed relatively high on the tier list through various patches due to his punishing combos.

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Kazuya is a very straight forward character to play with a powerful toolset. Kazuya has good dashes that can close gaps quickly and effectively against an opponent.

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Paul has some massive damage in the game and has one of the better poke games of all the characters on this list.

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Josie might have a weaker throw game but can really unleash a lot of pressure on opponents who aren’t ready for her flurry.

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Hwoarang can create openings with his high mobility. Use strings with the highest payouts for the win!

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Geese Howard

Geese Howard has great heavy burst damage and can mix it up with long- and short-ranged attacks.

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Feng’s big movelist makes him a very versatile character even though his comeback potential might be a bit weak.

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Katarina is very beginner friendly but her homing moves and pokes are relatively slow. Her combo damage is pretty decent for beginners.

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If you’re a grabber, then King is the character to play! King has some of the best throws in the game that deal massive damage.


Kazumi does not have a very strong offense. However, what she lacks in damage output, she excels in an easy moveset for beginners.


If you want harder-hitting low attacks, you must give Law a try! Just be aware that he’s lacking in the range department.

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Leo is a very balanced character who is relatively easy to learn. He has good potential for combos and decent wallsplats.

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Lee has relatively poor range. However, he has some decent jabs and is stronger when he’s closer to an opponent.



Nina is great for pressuring your opponent with some basic movements. Unfortunately, she’s not very beginner-friendly.

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Noctis has one of the better whiff punishers in the game along with a strong block punisher. He is also relatively easy to use for those looking for a good starter character.

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Xiaoyu does not have the same type of range and damage as other characters do. However, what she lacks in damage, she makes up for being extremely hard to hit due to her relatively small hitbox.

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Yoshimitsu has one of the better defenses in the game. However, note that he is not very beginner-friendly and it may take a lot to learn due to most of his abilities being situational.

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Steve is an offensive character who doesn’t have a very strong defensive game. It takes a lot of practice to master Steve’s combos.

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If you’re looking for a beginner-friendly character with some strong punishing moves and lots of strong pokes, then Alisa is the cute character for you.

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Bob has a list of moves as big as his frame. However, you’ll need to memorize different combos for him as his gameplay is largely situational.

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Asuka’s playstyle is mostly defensive. You’ll want to focus on keeping your opponent close so you can unleash devastating counters.

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Heihachi has been around since the beginning. He continues to be one of the more difficult players to play. However, learning Heihachi can be very rewarding as he has devastating damage output when played right.

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Kuma has plenty of strengths for those who want to mix it up and play as a bear. Of course, a bear is going to have some punishing offense but with relatively smaller range.

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Eliza is a very high-risk character who mostly focuses on defense. But, she has plenty of award if you can figure out how to get her offense going!

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Negan, like other guest characters in the series, is easy to play for new players. He has some strong counter-hits that deal big damage.

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Master Raven

Master Raven’s combos output some strong damage. She has a unique style of gameplay that many dismiss as too difficult but is the choice character for those who are up for a good challenge!

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Marduk is a very technical character to use. His defensive game is lacking due to his relatively large hit box, but his counter-hits can deal some impressive damage.

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Lili is great for those wanting a beginner-friendly character who is a jack-of-all-trades. She has good punishment, is easy to use, but doesn’t have many mix-ups, making her easier to use.

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Shaheen has damaging counter-hits and a high damage output. However, his character is pretty straightforward and easy to counter.

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Miguel excels in poke moves. In fact, you can get away with overwhelming your opponent with poke moves. He also has a fine defensive tool set.

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Lucky Chloe

Lucky Chloe has a decent damage output with some good poking. Unfortunately, her range is a bit short and has poor defensive tools.

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Lars has almost no counter-hits and very risky moves. He is well-rounded and has quick consistent blocks but that’s just about it.

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Akuma is one of the original Tekken characters. Unfortunately, he’s ranked rather low as his combos can be difficult to learn. However, it is satisfying to learn them for decent damage output.



When Anna is in her stance, she can be punishing. However, her combos and tool set keep her relatively below average.

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Eddy is a fast character with some good punishers. Eddy can easily overwhelm an opponent. However, once an opponent can neutralize he, then it’s game over!

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Yes, we realized that we skipped E-Tier. That’s because Gigas has a bad low game. He also lacks a lot of punishment options. He does have a strong throw game but the lack of balance ranks him as one of the worst characters to play consistently.

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So What’s Your Tier List?

Keep in mind that Tekken 7 tier lists are mostly subjective and based on differing opinions in the Tekken 7 competitive community. However, tier lists do give you a good idea of the current meta in Tekken 7. How much do you agree or concur with us? Let us know and we’ll see if anyone of the characters deserve to be bumped up (or dropped down) the tiers!