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What is the Divine Beast Vah Ruta?

The Divine Beast Vah Ruta is a quest in the game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, which can be played on Nintendo Switch and Wii U.

The quest comprises of a series of puzzles and areas to explore with a boss battle to defeat at the end.

In order to initiate the quest, speak with King Dorephan at the end of the Reach Zora’s Domain main quest, which unlocks the Divine Beast Vah Ruta main quest. You will also need to collect Zora’s Armour, which will be essential.

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Before Starting the Quest

Vah Ruta is one of four Divine Beasts in Hyrule and the quest is based in the Vah Ruta dungeon where you will find 5 location terminals.

Before you begin, you will need shock arrows, which are located on Ploymus Mountain.

Equipping Zora’s Armour will allow you to swim up waterfalls to obtain the arrows. However, they are scattered around the top of the mountain and you will need to dodge Lynel – the ancient beast in order to collect them. Do not waste your time trying to fight it. Simply hide behind boulders and sneak between trees, all while scooping up as many arrows as you can.

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You should look to collect at least 20 arrows for your quest. Once obtained, head to the reservoir of Ploymus Mountain to locate Prince Sidon to be able to ride on his back.

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Engaging the Divine Beast

Riding on Prince Sidon’s back during the fight with the Divine Beast will allow you to concentrate on firing your arrows.

As the ice blocks are hurled at you, aim and fire to smash them.

Be sure to wait until you are close enough before releasing any arrows as they are susceptible to wind movements.

Once you have destroyed the ice blocks on one side, Prince Sidon will then swim close to the waterfalls near the elephant. Once you are near a waterfall you will be able to swim up using Zora’s Armour and zip into the air. Raise your bow and aim at the glowing targets with your shock arrows.

A new phase will begin each time you hit one of the glowing targets. The phases get harder the more targets you hit, so be sure to dodge and fire at the ice blocks.

Once all of the glowing targets are destroyed (there are four in total), the battle will be over and you will be free to enter Divine Beast Vah Ruta. Fortunately, you have the option to exit and restock on supplies before taking on this next challenge.

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Within the Dungeon

The main objective in the dungeon is to activate the 5 terminals so that you can control the main unit at the end and prepare to fight Waterblight Ganon, the final boss battle.

Terminal One
Destroy the eyeball in the gunk up the ramp where you enter. Lift the treasure chest out of the water using magnesis and open it to reveal an ancient spring. Beat the scout and fire an arrow at the other eyeball in the gunk under the water. You will then be able to turn the gear cog using magnesis, which reveals a platform. Interact with the Sheikah slate terminal on the platform.

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Terminal Two
When you go to the next level, destroy the scout and observe the two gear cogs. The small cog has a terminal inside. Create a block of ice to block the flow of water using cryonis and stop the gear cog from turning. Do it at the right time so that you expose the terminal and can then proceed to interact with it. Before you go to the next level, smash the ice you created and ride the cog upwards. Create another ice block to block the water and jump on to it. Climb further to access the treasure chest.

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Terminal Three
As you proceed to the third floor, destroy the eyeball in the goo and observe the gear cog, which is the biggest so far. Move the elephant’s trunk up using the Vah Ruta map so that water sprays out and turns the cog. Position the water so that the cog turns slowly and allows you to hop on and off. Near the treasure chest you will see a block, which you can freeze with stasis. Use this again on the orange ball so that it stays in place. Position it so that the gear cog stops the terminal door from closing. Move in so you can interact with the terminal.

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Terminal Four
As you enter this floor, observe the hole in Vah Ruta’s head. Kill the eyeball and turn the crank on the wall using magnesis. Part of the ceiling will then open above the fire. Use the Vah Ruta map to move the elephant’s trunk to spray the fire with water and extinguish it. Proceed to interact with the terminal.

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Terminal Five
For the fifth and final terminal, use the map to position the elephant’s trunk so that you can walk on to it, paraglide in to the water, and then move the trunk so you can access the terminal on the platform above. Interacting with the last terminal will move you swiftly on to the boss battle – Waterblight Ganon.

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Final Boss

The safer method to defeat this boss is to employ long-ranged attacks using arrows. The boss tends to adjust his attacks based on your distance from him, but watch his movement and you’ll easily find a pattern to exploit.

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