Wielding a deadly lance atop a steed of death, we are going to look at what a top lane Rell can do in this guide of stampeding deadliness! With an extensive defense kit and mostly reactive gameplay, Rell is excellent at countering overly aggressive champions and keeping them controlled throughout the game.

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Horse Whispering Abilities

Rell’s abilities give her excellent control and defensive capabilities. She is a highly reactive champion so it’s important to have patience while playing as her and allow other players to act first. While her abilities might seem like a good initiating tool, you can quickly end up stranded behind enemy lines without an escape.

Break the Mold

Passive Skill

Break the Mold allows Rell’s auto-attacks to steal 10% of the target’s armor and magic resistance for 4 seconds. This can only happen once per target, and additional attacks will just refresh the duration.

This ability allows Rell to become tankier as she fights more enemies. The duration for all BTM applications will be refreshed when Rell applies or refreshes the duration on a target. This allows you to continually keep the debuff on all enemy champions throughout the fight. Your first priority on enemy contact should be to apply Break the Mold to as many targets as possible.

Shattering Strike

Q Skill

Rell’s Q ability is her main source of damage and sustain. Rell thrusts forward, breaking the enemies’ shields and applying magic damage. This is an excellent counter to champions with shield abilities because it first removes the shield and then immediately applies the magic damage. This can lead to potentially massive damage spikes on shielded targets. It also applies or refreshes Break the Mold to the first target hit.

Ferromancy: Crash Down

W Skill (1)

Ferromany is made up of two skills and is essentially the core of Rell’s kit. The two skills are responsible for the forms Rell can take. The first form is Rell’s mounted form where she has good movement speed. This is generally the form that will be used for farming and moving around the map. When this ability is used, Rell will fly into the air and then ‘crash down’ into a small targeted area knocking up enemies. Upon impact she will swap to her unmounted form.

Ferromancy: Mount Up

W Skill (2)

In Rell’s unmounted form, her speed is drastically reduced, but in exchange she gets a shield of 13% of her maximum health, and an additional 10% bonus armor and magic resistance. When you are switching forms, be sure to take into account that your base speed will drop to 250 so you won’t be able to chase or get away from enemies until you can mount again. Utilizing the form swap is key to mastering Rell and dominating the battlefield.

Attract and Repel

E Skill

Attract and Repel is an ability that utilizes another ally similar to Taric’s bond. Once the bond is established with a friendly player, you can reactivate it to stun enemies between you and your ally as well as a small area around you. This is a heavily-utilized skill during team fights as well as ganks.

Magnet Storm

R Skill

Rell’s ultimate Magnet Storm pulls in enemies within a small radius around herself. The pull does not cancel out or disrupt channeled spells, and enemies can slowly escape the field by walking away. Magnet Storm does a decent amount of damage and considerably slows enemies trying to escape, however it’s not a reliable form of crowd control as enemies can still use any skill within the field. Overall it’s an excellent tool to limit enemy movement and peel for your carries.


Rell’s primary runes should always be the Resolve tree with Guardian. Shield Bash, Bone Plating, and Overgrowth stack wonderfully with your kit by adding additional resistances and shields. For secondary runes, it’s mainly a personal choice and will depend on your team composition.


While Rell’s kit is designed for a support role, she still has a reasonable amount of utility to be able to survive on her own until mid game. Your primary goal should be to farm up and play defensively until one of your teammates can gank. Rell is extremely powerful under her tower and can easily turn a 2v1 into a double kill if her kit is utilized correctly. Her form switches provide a powerful crowd control combo, and once a teammate arrives, you can utilize Attract and Repel for even more control.

Via: Youtube/League of Legends
Via: Youtube/League of Legends

During the early game use your Q to secure minion kills and control the minion waves. You will want to play defensively until you get a solid understanding of your opponents’ playstyles. Rell’s main weakness is her slow speed and lack of escape mechanics. Once she charges in, you are stuck for several seconds until you can form swap and escape, so only go all in if you can secure the kill and have time to retreat.


With the new changes to items and the addition of item tiers, item choices are highly based on your team composition and the goals you choose to pursue. So evaluate what might be most useful in your current game rather than just sticking to a standard build. With that being said, there are two mythic items that work extremely well with Rell’s kit depending on your goals.

Locket of the Iron Solari

This item complements Rell’s robust tank kit while also adding additional benefits to supporting your team. Choose the Locket if your carries are easily caught and burst down. This will give them longevity and works well while trying to peel for them.

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Shurelya’s Battlesong

This item helps with Rell’s lack of mobility and provides more engage. It can also be swapped out for Turbo Chemtank depending on the team compositions.


Legendary items will be highly dependent on your teammates and opponents, but items like Knight’s Vow and Zeke’s Convergence work very well with your E as you will already be looking to link with allies.

Ride Them Down!

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Rell has an excellent toolkit that allows her to control teamfights and protect her carries. A good Rell player will be able to understand the proper time for each of her forms, and utilize her movement speed so that she can’t be easily kited out of a team fight. Good luck Summoner, leave a comment on your item preferences and feel free to share other tips you have learned from playing Rell!