You Think You Know How to Clash?

Whenever you start a new game, the first thing you want to do is play like a pro. That’s a good goal to work towards for beginners. You could browse reddit for tips and tricks in 2020 to play like a pro but information is all over the place and you already know the basics of Clash Royale. You already know how to use elixirs to send out your troops and how to damage enemy buildings.

Clash Royale
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It’s not a difficult concept to grasp, even for beginners. So, here’s our tips to get you promoted to veteran!

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Balance is Key

When beginners start the game, they’re not too familiar with each unit. They think they can just fill their battle deck with melee fights and send them off into battle. Unfortunately, as the game progresses, that’s not going to work out very well for those wanting to become pro. You’re going to have to balance your battle deck in Clash Royale to make sure you have a good balance of long-distance, area attack, and tank units. For example, an ice golem is a great tanking unit that helps defend your long-range units who can work on taking down the enemy’s buildings.

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Don’t Forget the Towers!

It’s kind of hard to ignore the towers in the game as they are your main objective. You might be used to other games where you have strength in numbers, and all you do is overwhelm your enemy with force. Unfortunately, there’s a little more of a strategic aspect in Clash Royale. If you want to play like a pro, then you need to make sure some units are focused solely on the tower. For example the Hog Rider, who you would have unlocked in the Goblin Stadium in Arena 1, is a melee troop specifically designed to target buildings. One pro tip you can use with the hog rider is to take out smaller buildings using other units, as he doesn’t differentiate from them, so he can focus solely on the tower instead of wasting time and opportunity tearing down other buildings.

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Don’t Go Alone

Clash Royale is a strategy game that requires some thought and not just sending whoever you can against whoever you can. One of the many good Clash Royale advanced tips is to know how to pair your units. Some units work better when they’re together. Others will get absolutely destroyed if you try sending them out alone. For example the Hog Rider, the unit mentioned before that can devastate buildings, works together with any cards that can protect it against swarms of enemies like goblins.

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Watch Where You’re Stepping

Some units in Clash Royale aren’t very smart. Here’s a pro tip to separate yourself from the beginners: distract the big guys. When your opponent is sending a strong unit out towards your buildings, most of the time, they’re not going straight for the building. They’re going to clobber anything and everything in the way. You can use some of your weaker units to distract them and bait them away from your tower while you set up some defensive measures.

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Don’t Get Cocky

One of the best tips and tricks in 2020 that a lot of people don’t follow is: don’t get cocky! You might be in the lead now but things can change on the fly! You might look like you’re winning but that only induces people to make impulsive decisions that end up costing them. If you’ve already destroyed one tower and still have all of yours, then focus on defense. Let the timer run out. You already have this in the bag unless you’re about to lose a tower too.

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Other Pro Tips and Tricks

Know your cards, know yourself. Let’s take a look at some cards you may be using wrong in Clash Royale:

Skeleton Army

You unlock the skeleton army during the training camp tutorial. You might think to just send them against whoever you can target but they get destroyed instantly against splash damage. Note that they’re very effective against certain troops, for which you should reserve them for, such as units that target your buildings. When summoning them, you have to place them on top of the enemy unit to make the most of their swarming capabilities.

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Ice Golem

The ice golem is unlocked in Arena 8, Frozen Peak, and has relatively low damage output. However, he’s not really used for his damage. He should be used defensively to protect your building-targeting troops like the Hog Rider. That might seem obvious but you can also use the ice golem to pair with your melee troops to counter against swarms. The problem many beginners make with this is sending him out solo. That is not a good idea as he will get swarmed and taken out easily.

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Archers are unlocked during the Training Camp tutorial. It might be tempting to have them go directly for buildings but their strength is in the early game. Placing them right in the middle is a pro move as it allows you to cover both lanes during the initial push. It might be a little risky but keeping them separated (since they spawn in pairs) can help save them from early game splash damage.


So, You Should Know How to Clash Now!

These Clash Royale advanced tips and tricks should speed you on your way to reaching the upper ranks! Good luck and happy clashing! If you feel that you want to work on your basics first, check out our beginner deck guide!