Whether you’re using the official Steam version of Nier Automata or playing a cracked version, you can use the FAR mod for Nier Automata for a better experience. For those not familiar, FAR refers to “Fix Automata Resolution” because some devices aren’t playing it as perfectly as we want it 2B.

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There are two different versions of the mod floating around. One version is for the official game on Steam and the other version is for the cracked game. However, many have tried to use the latest version of the FAR mod manually because the automatic installer will not work or might stop working and they find that the game ends up crashing or just goes to a white screen. Many guides will tell you to go back to an older version of the game but you might find that the FAR control panel still does not work.

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There is a lot of work that goes into trying to mod a cracked game which makes you wonder why people don’t just support the developers and buy an official version of the game – it’s a lot easier to mod an official copy instead of a pirated one.

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One trick on how to use the FAR mod for Nier Automata is not to try to install or uninstall different versions from GitHub. You’re going to install and uninstall different versions for days and possibly end up compromising your computer. If you want to get the FAR mod for Nier Automata working, you would need to download the right repack that works with the game.

Some suggest using Fitgirl’s repack that has a version of FAR that could possibly work with a cracked version of Nier Automata. All you would need to do is unpack it, copy the contents from the folder, and paste it wherever your Nier Automata .exe file is. It’s a viable option if you don’t know how to use mods for the cracked version. Hitting CTRL+SHIFT+BACKSPACE should open the menu for the FAR mod in Nier Automata and help you run the game a little better whether it’s the official Steam version or the cracked version.

If it’s still not working after that, then it might be time to make some smart financial decisions and buy the official game to run the FAR mod in Nier Automata.

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Here’s Kaldaien’s version of the FAR mod, in case you’d like another option available that’s more official:

FAR (Fix Automata Resolution) – v

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