Why are Nier Automata Outfit Mods flooding modding communities? Well, whoever said that guys don’t play “Dress-up” has obviously never played Nier Automata.

There’s one thing gamers love to do after they’ve finished a game: mod it for a different experience. Video game developers have figured this out and even embraced their fanbase’s modding community. For example, Bethesda has allowed modding in their games like Skyrim. They even released their own workshop kits for gamers to have all kinds of fun doing what they can with the world they created.

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Other developers aren’t as generous. For example, Square Enix’s big MMORPG, Final Fantasy XIV, has yet to embrace its modding community.

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To be fair, not a lot of MMORPGs want their games to be modded as it can provide an unfair advantage to other players if used incorrectly regardless of platform, whether it’s on PC, Xbox, or PS4. However, many modders don’t want to cheat. They just want to have their own personal aesthetic added to the game.

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One aesthetic people love are the outfits in Nier Automata. Of course, many just love 2B’s and A2’s outfit from Nier Automata because it’s plenty revealing and shows just enough skin.

Nier Automata
Via: Twitter @revena_games

When Nier Automata was revealed, artists everywhere immediately flocked to make fanart to be as revealing as possible.

Of course, like any video game character, it has to fit the mold of what society wants from female characters. Unfortunately, even modders don’t try to be more inclusive to those who don’t fit society’s beauty standards either, whether it’s male or female. Modders just make chest sizes bigger, thighs thicker, abs in sixes (or more), and muscles harder.

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That’s probably why Nier Automata outfit mods are taking over almost every modding community, from Skyrim to Final Fantasy XIV. Some people might not like 2B’s character personally, but for those who played Nier Automata, they definitely love the outfit for everything it does reveal!

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There’s more than just outfits for 2B and A2! FAR mods are also trending, although some are having difficulties trying to install it.

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