Yes, it’s 2020 and people are still playing Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Bethesda knows how much demand Skyrim has even now. There aren’t many good open-world roleplaying games out there right now where you can basically be whatever you want while exploring a vast lore-filled world. That’s probably why Skyrim’s special edition isn’t going down in price any time soon.

One of the things that keep Skyrim going strong is the fact that it has a strong modding community. You can mod everything from a follower, weapons, armor, hair, and even music.

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One of the better mods to come out of the modding community is the Skyrim Nier Automata mod. Originally, there was only the armor released for Skyrim’s special edition of 2B’s armor from Nier Automata. However, there’s a full mod released for Skyrim’s special edition that doesn’t just look as if someone had taken the file from the Nier Automata game, brought it over into Skyrim, and called it a Skyrim Nier Automata mod.

Oh no, it’s more than that! This mod features full armor physics. It’s almost as if the beautiful 2B armor itself was made specifically for Skyrim!

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Mod previously created by ‘immyneedscake’ and ‘Rektas’.

Not only does the mod contain 2B’s armor, it also contains A2’s armor as well. When the Nier Automata game came out, many were only focused on recreating 2B. However, not enough love was given to A2. It’s nice to see A2 getting some love from Skyrim’s modding community.

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Previously created by Patreon user, COCO
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To download, scroll to the bottom, click on the “Baidu” link, and enter “w9sx” to access the page.

The textures on 2B’s outfit look like they were upgraded to look like they flow well in Skyrim’s harsh environments. Of course, pairing the Skyrim Nier Automata mod with any other body mod will ensure you have a character that looks busty enough to fit the average gamer’s cleavage standards and, of course, to be faithful to 2B’s look from the Nier Automata game itself. If you’re looking for mods for the Nier Automata game itself, it’s got its own outfit mods and can be supported by FAR mods too!

Here’s a link to one of the mods by OnigiriDaisuki on Nexus Mods:

Via: Nexus Mods/OnigiriDasuki

Skyrim is not the only game that gets influenced by Nier Automata, of course! Fallout 4 has their own mod to bring in 2B and A2.


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