What’s This Walking Suit of Armor?

The Armored Warrior is one of the compulsory mini-bosses that you’re required to defeat if you want to progress through the game. The voice actor for the Armored Warrior is Peter Serafinowicz.

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Many believe the lore behind the Armored Warrior is that he is the father of Little Robert. You may remember him from Robert’s Firecrackers. The Armored Warrior also yells out Robert’s name when you defeat him.

Source: https://sekiroshadowsdietwice.wiki.fextralife.com/Armored+Warrior
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Why Bother Taking Him On?

Defeating the Armored Warrior can give you some pretty decent loot, such as the Prayer Bead, Breath of Nature: Shadow Latent Skill, and a Heavy Coin Purse. Trying to take on the Armored Warrior initially might make you wonder how to defeat him. He does have a health bar, but simply getting his health to 0, as you would with other enemies, isn’t as simple as that. There is a way to cheese this fight, but we’ll go over how to defeat the Armored Warrior the conventional way.

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So, Where Is He? Can I Hear Him Clanking A Mile Away?

The location of the Armored Warrior is at the Senpou Temple at Mt. Kongo. Once you’re at the wooden bridge at the top of the mountain, walking across will trigger the boss to spawn. Unfortunately, you’ll have to defeat the Armored Warrior to move on.

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Felling the Armored Warrior

Since the Armored Warrior has really heavy armor, you won’t be able to defeat him with a deathblow. You would need to push him over the ledge to defeat him much as you would in Dark Souls with the Iron Golem boss.

However, the Armored Warrior is not an optional fight, so you would need to endure this difficult battle if you want to continue on through the game. One way you could attempt to get him off the edge is by using the deathblow. Sounds like a contradiction?

You’re not using the deathblow to kill him, but using its projection force to push him just enough to get him over the ledge. If you’re great with timing, you could attempt to use the axe for the best posture damage. Posture breaking is your friend in this fight.

Via: Youtube/Tyrannicon
Via: Youtube/Tyrannicon

Say… Cheese!

Don’t get too frustrated trying to get through this tough guy. You could always try to cheese him! There’s really only one way to cheese the Armored Warrior in this fight that might seem overly-impossible to beat:

First, equip the Loaded Axe as your Prosthetic Attachment. Then, bring the maximum possible amount of Spirit Emblems. If you have the Fang and Blade Skill and Mikiri Counter, those will be added advantages. Now, repeatedly lay the Loaded Axe into the Armored Warrior as often as possible, chaining it together with the Fang and Blade Skill. Combine this with the Mikiri Counter when the Armored Warrior thrusts forward, and you’ll see him bite the dust in no time!

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Mano-O-Mano, Be A Man!

If you’d like to try an honorable fight against him, man-to-man, but need a boost in your equipment, you might want to consider getting Fulminated Mercury, a very rare but highly-demanded item.

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