Apex Legends characters are some of the weirdest we’ve seen in a battle royal, but it could be difficult to decide which one to play with due to the different abilities each one has. The characters of Apex Legends and classes are, to the contrary that other battle royale, a central part of the game.

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In this Apex Legends guide, we focus on Bangalore, the military specialist, and delve into her skills and how best to use them.

The One Standard

Bangalore is one of two damage archetypes and excels in taking out large groups of enemies. This is a character that, for all intents and purposes, fulfills the function of being the standard “soldier” type character in any shooter. It is the ideal character to learn to play. Not much to say about her, because her performance and skills are pretty standard.

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But! Be careful there — being a standard character does not mean that she is not dangerous! The immediacy and directness of her gameplay make her extremely dangerous in experienced hands!

A Role Model

Bangalore is a “soldier” type character, that is, she is the typical character designed for combat with weapons of mass destruction. Her passive and tactical abilities combine very well to reposition quickly, so she can also function as a support character, allowing the team to reposition or you to position yourself in an ideal place to flank the enemy.

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Double Time

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When taking fire from adversaries, Bangalore will move at an expanded movement for a specific measure of time. For a game that is as of now relentless, this ability gives you a quick edge and fast advances.

Smoke Launcher

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Bangalore creates a smoke screen with which she can confuse her enemies, attempting to catch them by surprise or offer the team extra protection if they are in danger.

Rolling Thunder


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Bangalore’s ultimate ability sends an artillery strike across the landscape. This is useful if you’re in a pinch or weathering a match’s latter moments. If you want to instantly create chaos, this is your best card. It covers a considerable area, so if enemies don’t flee when they hear the motors of death overhead, they’re pretty much toast! Time yourself well and you’ve a good chance to eliminate an entire team!

Master the Basics, Master the Field

A standard character type she may be, Bangalore is like an assault rifle – master her controls and abilities, she’ll conquer both close combat encounters and long-ranged strikes!

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