Legends of Runeterra joins a growing list of free-to-play digital collectible card games like Blizzard’s Hearthstone, and is trying to set itself apart from other them by offering different ways to acquire cards that don’t take a lot of real-life money to do so.

Legends of Runeterra
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So, in a way, you really do save!

The best way to get more cards is simply by playing the game. You can get cards just by getting experience points and unlocking rewards. There is a weekly vault you can open as well as that incentivize logging in daily to play known as Legends of Runeterra daily quests. The weekly chest gives you access to a vault where there are three chests available for you to open that contain plenty of rewards. However, the contents of the chest are determined by how much you do during that week before reset.

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You also need to do daily quests every day after reset to maximize your chances of better rewards. The chest tiers are similar to League of Legends and getting enough experience points weekly will score you an expedition token for free. Getting 25,000 experience points will get you three diamond chests and a single expedition token.

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Every day, you’ll have access to daily quests that can get you over 1,000 experience points. However, you can get up to 1,500 by trying to re-roll a maximum of two times a day to try to get a 1,500 experience points quest. If you happen to miss your daily quest, don’t worry, you can hold up to three of them concurrently. Quests will always be held on for you until you re-roll. However, you’ll be missing out if you don’t do them before the fourth day!

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 Legends of Runeterra daily quests help you build up weekly rewards. These can score you some pretty sweet cards if you play daily. That means you don’t have to spend a dime playing Legends of Runeterra as long as you play consistently!

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