One of the joys of playing Star Wars Battlefront 2 is being able to step into the boots of a legendary character from a galaxy far, far away. While you may mostly play as a lowly trooper, once you get a chance to play as either Luke or Vader, you shall feel truly powerful! When that opportunity arrives, you want to be as best prepared as possible.

Star Wars Battlefront 2
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The Heroes and the Villains

In this Star Wars Battlefront 2 abilities guide, we’re going to run you through the best Star Cards for each of the Heroes, starting with:

Boba Fett

The mysterious intergalactic bounty hunter is one of the most mobile units in the game. He also boasts some of the highest damage in a wide radius. There’s a lot to love with him. On the downside, he’s quite weak against lightsaber-wielding Heroes. Use this Star Card setup to leverage his strengths and give him some defense against Force Heroes:

Via: polygon
  • Blaster Disabler
  • Intense Barrage
  • Anti-Hero Rockets


Bossk may have had a short stint in the movies, but in Star Wars Battlefront 2, he’s quite the powerhouse thanks to his Predator Instincts ability. His main shortcoming is that he’s quite squishy (a reference to his short-lived movie appearance?). In order to ensure his survivability while taking advantage of his strengths, we suggest the following Star Cards:

Via: whatculture
  • Ultimate Predator
  • Predator Resilience
  • Unrelenting Predator


Need a Hero that can blast through waves of enemies quick? Chewie is the Wookie for the job. He may not have much in terms of abilities but his Bowcaster weapon is a beast on its own! To complement his Furious Bowcaster ability, use the following Star Cards:

Via: yahoo
  • Echoing Roar
  • Furious Resilience
  • Bonus Health

Darth Vader

Vader is always one of the top picks for Heroes in any Star Wars game simply because he’s badass. In Battlefront 2, you’ve got even more reason to step into his shiny black armor considering he’s a real threat! He’s quite slow, but incredibly tanky and lethal. We suggest leveraging both of these with this card setup:

Via: hdqwalls
  • Bonus Health
  • Punishing Grip
  • Last Gasp

Emperor Palpatine

Frail old Palpatine isn’t very resilient due to his status as a glass cannon. His health drain mechanic, however, which is at its best during Chain Lightning, more than makes up for it. Not to mention, his high damage! You can achieve this build by tacking on these Star Cards:

Via: Michael Xbox Evolved @ youtube
  • Lightning Absorption
  • Prime Electrocution
  • Lightning Reach

Han Solo

Star Wars’ fabled smuggler-turned-hero is like a rootin’ tootin’ cowboy in Star Wars Battlefront 2! His blaster does insane damage with every shot! It takes some accuracy to become efficient with Han, but once you’ve got the hang of him, he’s a lot of fun to play. You can turn the Millennium Falcon’s pilot into a sharpshooting powerhouse by using the following cards:

Via: Slashfilm
  • Heavily Modified Blaster
  • Sharpshooter’s Calm
  • Sharpshooting Frenzy

Iden Versio

Iden is the protagonist of the main story of Star Wars Battlefront 2. As such, she doesn’t have any specific abilities of her own, relying solely on weapons and gadgets. She may be quite weak in terms of dealing with other heroes, but can still hold her own against regular troopers. The following card build gives her more utility and reliability:

Via: telegraph
  • Cooled Blaster
  • Alternative Methods
  • Pulse Cannon Mastery

Kylo Ren

As the primary villain in the new trilogy, Kylo is quite powerful as well as popular amongst players. He’s got an incredibly useful freeze ability that allows him to control the battlefield effectively. Our choice of Star Cards take full advantage of his talents:

Via: Youtube/sebanatic5000
  • Solid Freeze
  • Total Control
  • Bloodlust

Lando Calrissian

On the surface, the man from Cloud City appears to be on the weaker side. In reality, his Sharp Shot ability is one to be feared as it lethally dispatches multiple enemies with a single tap! With the following Star Card setup, you can improve the efficiency of the ability and ensure Lando stays alive for longer:

Via: GameWatcher
  • Maximized Efficiency
  • Wide Eyed
  • Hot and Cold

Leia Organa

Princess Leia, another fan favorite, is a bit of an uncanny valley compared to other heroes. This is because she specializes in defense. But don’t let that put you off — she’s extremely useful in a lot of situations, even in Heroes and Villains. You can turn her into a beastly tank with the following setup:

Via: star-wars-9 @ Blogger
  • High Spirit
  • Relentless Firing
  • Rebel Heart

Luke Skywalker

The main Skywalker himself is a poster child for the Light side of the Force thanks to his deflection capabilities. He doesn’t have the power of Yoda nor the speed of Rey but he’s incredibly pesky to take down. Let’s take full advantage of his defensive abilities with the following Star Cards:

Via: Youtube/deathmule
  • Jedi Fighter
  • Deflection Mastery
  • Stronger Push

Darth Maul

Another popular choice amongst fans, Darth Maul may be the hardest hero to master in the entire game. He’s extremely quick on his feet, and so, can take a bit of time to get used to. In order to not run out of stamina too soon while also keeping his survivability high, here’s the card setup we recommend:

Via: fandom
  • Lightsaber Defense
  • Frantic Strikes
  • Forceful Thrust


One of the main protagonists of the new trilogy movies, Rey is a speed powerhouse! Her bag of tricks combined with her speed makes her an excellent support Hero who can still deal damage while helping to control the battlefield. We can leverage all of her talents with the following setup:

Via: Youtube/sebanatic5000
  • Street Fighter
  • Opportunist
  • Strong Mind


The legendary Jedi master himself, Yoda is one of the strongest Heroes in Star Wars Battlefront 2. He’s small, which makes him a hard target to hit. He can deal massive damage. On top of that, he can heal himself. Sounds OP? Wait until you see him with the following Star Card build:

Via: thegamer
  • Jedi Mentor
  • Enduring Presence
  • Feel the Force
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And that’s our Star Wars Battefront 2 abilities guide! With these setups, we’re sure you’ll be dashing and crashing and kicking up a storm everywhere on the battle front!