M.A.S.S Builder is an Early Access game on Steam, and while that may turn some people away with the recent updates and patches that M.A.S.S Builder has been going through, it makes for a perfect game for any player of the action RPG game genre!

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What’s with this M.A.S.S.?

M.A.S.S Builder is a new and exciting product from the game studio of Vermillion Digital. M.A.S.S is short for Mechanical Assault Skeleton Suit, which is the Mech-suit that players will be piloting to fight against these creatures called Quarks.

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Quarks are monsters that led to the destruction of a large portion of humanity. Players pilot mech-suits to fight against and destroy these creatures before they cause more death and destruction.


Bringing Guns to Knife Fights

Since M.A.S.S Builder is a Mecha-suit action RPG fighting game, players will fight in the surrounding areas against the Quarks. Players have the option of equipping either a sword for close-combat or a gun, which features a significant amount of flexibility.

The gameplay is easy to pick up and focuses heavily on massive enemy number encounters. Sadly, the combat quickly gets repetitive as there is no combo system implemented. Due to this lack of a combo system, alongside simplistic hacking ‘n’ slashing, this game’s levels and enemies don’t offer much excitement after the first few levels.

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Moving throughout the level is merely walking in the park without any real obstacles in the player’s way, which makes for a dull playing experience as they get from one point to another. This leads to players not focusing as they walk, as there are no obstacles or different paths that may offer greater difficulties.

One feature that may draw in players is the upgrade system. As M.A.S.S Builder is an action RPG game, upgrades are a primary point. To be able to upgrade your mech, players will need to earn credits. Earning them is dependent on mission performance; the better the player does during the missions, the more credits they’ll receive.

No Mass-Produced Mech are the Same

One aspect that M.A.S.S Builder shines in is character customization. M.A.S.S Builder offers extensive character customization ranging from specific points on the mecha, to the gun and sword extensively. Changing these weapons allows for slight differences in the battles and offers a moderate amount of replayability.

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Players can customize a total of 38 different parts of the mech ranging from each foot’s heel to the very top of the mech’s head. This massive amount of customization ensures that no two mechs will ever be the same!

Final Thoughts

Honestly, despite some flaws, the RPG system and fantastic graphics that M.A.S.S Builder offers makes this game a great game to check out! Currently, Steam users can download a M.A.S.S Builder Demo and explore the features of this game first hand. A great way to see if you are truly one of a kind in this M.A.S.S.ive world!