With the great popularity PUBG is enjoying, you’re definitely going to meet all kinds of people. Some that are skilled, some that are noob, some that hack, and some that get you banned as collateral damage.

Yup, it’s possible to encounter the BAN-HAMMER, even if you’re not doing anything wrong! (or, at least, to the best of your knowledge, you know you’re not)


Unfortunately, nobody is perfect, not even the game masters. That’s why there tends to be some unintentional banning of accounts.

The GM Face, upon learning he has wrongly banned an account.

Here’s some of the complaints we hear every so often:

It’s enough. I’ve dealt with the massive server issues, terrible optimization, character movement, but this is too much.

– Anonymous player

Coming home from a long day of work, I needed my favorite game to relax. Then, after launching, an error box pops up saying ”You’ve violated the game regulations. Your account will be banned for 3650 days”. A ten-year ban. For nothing.

– Another anonymous player

For such a massive development team to be handing out bans so carelessly is unacceptable, indeed. All players have invested part of themselves into the game, whether it be financially or emotionally. Banning should always be the last resort, in order to be taken seriously and to be effective in deterring offenders.

I paid $3,000 for this game, just to get banned. I can handle all the issues with the game, but now I can’t even play.

– A whale who paid for PUBG and (hopefully) not hacks

But, remember, just because we paid for the game, it doesn’t mean we’re immune to the ban. The richest player in the game can be a whale, but if his gaming ethics are detrimental and will only upset the rest of the PUBG community, then keeping such a player will eventually lead to the game’s downfall.

Via: Dexerto

As most people would do, we would submit a ticket to appeal our ban. But it’s usually to no avail. All we get is an automated response saying, “We found software that altered the performance of the game, which violates our TOS. Your ban will remain valid.”

Great game. I’ve tried hard to enjoy this game, but the dev team clearly isn’t trying to please their players.

– Not a hacker (hopefully)

Nobody is above the rules and regulations, not even for a video game. Without laws, we’re nothing more than a barbaric race of virtual warriors.

So, if you have been involved in any undesirable actions, consider this as retribution that could have been easily avoided just by playing fair.


And if you have truly been innocent, then we know we have been unfortunately implicated by those who aren’t innocent. This is why we should all rally together to ensure clean gaming environments no matter which game we play!


For those who have been the unfortunate few collateral damages in the game developer’s fight against hacking and illegal activities, here is a template email you may wish to use to appeal for a ban:

Dear PUBG team,

I would like to request for an appeal to the ban on my account. Its details are as follows:
User ID:

I hope to assure the PUBG team that I have not resorted to any illegal programs, tools, or activities that are against PUBG’s TOS, and would like to request for the ban to be lifted.

If there has been any incriminating evidence found in the use of my account, kindly allow me to know what I am suspecting of using/doing, so that I may explain myself.

As a long-time dedicated fan to PUBG, please know that I only wish to play my best for the game and will do what is necessary to ensure we have a clean environment for gaming.

Thank you very much for your time and attention. I sincerely appreciate all the work the PUBG team has done for us all!

Yours sincerely,
(Your name)

Remember: Game developers and game masters are still human. Getting them upset with vulgarities and threats only eliminates your chances for a successful appeal. Be nice, and their hearts may soften just for you!