With the outer appearance of Resident Evil 5 improved and refreshed, perhaps it’s time to work on the quality of the game. That is, creating more content for it. If you have yet to look at the ways to mod your costumes and characters, and have not learnt how to split your screen, why not review our past two articles first? Once you’re prepared to further maximize your gaming experience, let’s continue with chapter mods!

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Resident Evil 5 is now a decade old and most fans of the game have exhausted the gameplay, knowing the chapters inside out. Chapter modding is all about breathing life to old games to give players a new and exciting experience, and preferably one filled with even more anxiety and dread, since this is a survival horror game. Let’s take a look at some creative and terrifying chapter mods created by die-hard fans.

Resident Evil 5 – Night Terror (Story Mode Mod) by KamiA

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Mod developer KamiA describes this as the “best mod I have ever created,” and we can see why. A huge amount of work has gone into making this incredibly polished chapter mod. It features additions to the early chapters of the game. Chapter 1 receives newly-edited lighting, a new scene, new spawns, and essentially a lot of footage that you won’t have seen before. There are also scripts added to chapters 2 and 3, and extra challenge locations.

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KamiA says that this mod is not suitable for players who are new since it takes the game to a new level, making it harder with more enemies and a more dangerous player environment.

If you’re already familiar with it or are up for a challenge, you can take up the gauntlet here.

Extreme Condition Remaker Mod by Luisadri

This mod is perfect for longtime fans of the game who need a real challenge! This chapter mod introduces lots more enemies and generally ups the difficulty across the game. Many more items have also been added to different phases which keeps the gameplay fresh and engaging. The game is also compatible with online co-op, making it a major plus for many players.

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Grab a friend, then grab this mod here! You’re going to need a lot of help!

With so many ways to boost your gaming experience using Resident Evil 5 mods, we believe this game can never truly grow old! If you haven’t a clue what we mean because you read this article first, we have a list of costume and character mods to recommend, and a split screen mod to double your experience before you begin.

We hope you’ve enjoyed all our recommendations to relive the undead life in Resident Evil 5 through costumes, characters, split screen and chapter mods. Do let us know if you think we should highlight a certain mod special to you!

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