After you polish and beef up the outlook of your characters and costumes, wouldn’t you want to show them off? You could stream to the public, but how about showing them off to an exclusive audience – your | split | screen | partner?

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Unlike the earlier games in the franchise, Resident Evil 5 never officially supported a local co-op split screen function, which left a lot of gamers disappointed. However, there still is a way around this.

The history of split screen on RE5 has been somewhat tricky since the mod that allowed the split screen to happen on the original GFWL version of the game no longer worked when the Gold edition of the game was released at a later date. This is due to the code the mod relied on being removed from the game files. However, game modders, being the inventive people they are, found a way around this too.

Split Screen Revisited Mod by Maluc

Via: Youtube Loopy Longplays

This split screen mod allows gamers to enable split screen for the game’s story mode. It allows you to switch between the Steam and GFWL versions of the game. Unfortunately, Steam disables GFWL, rendering the Steam version of the game unable to function in split screen.

This local co-op is an aspect of an older style gaming that a lot of gamers sorely miss. Modern games tend to focus on graphics, performance and solo immersion above all else, which means local co-op has largely been done away with. With only a few minor issues, this local co-op mod functions great and brings a new fun aspect to a game revered by so many players.

Things to consider

This mod is not perfect, unfortunately. It only works in the 16:9 aspect ratio.

Via: Youtube InfamousMustelid

The Mercenaries portion of the game is not playable in split-screen and has been disabled on this mod. If this is a deal breaker for you, consider using this YouTube video, created by Eren can Akçadağ, to enable split screen gameplay in The Mercenaries. The trick to get it working is a little long and complicated, so there will definitely be some difficulties involved.

Some players have been known to experience degraded graphics as the second player in the split screen. The creator of the mod believes this is something the game does to maximize graphics performance. Luckily, the degradation is minimal and shouldn’t affect your gaming experience.

The mouse and keyboard function was known to cause some bugs that were affecting gameplay in split screen, so this function has been disabled to maximize the experience.

If you missed the download link to the mod earlier in the article, you can get it here. Enjoy your best show and double up your game!

Via: Youtube Nero Mystyra

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