Risk of Rain 2 is a rogue-lite game where you play as an adventurer exploring an expansive world set in the future. You’ll encounter procedurally generated stages with plenty of enemies, destructible features, and hidden secrets to discover. It’s also an abbreviated experience, so you’ll complete the game in just a few hours if you know what you’re doing.

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The game plays well with its short length, but there are some flaws that hinder the experience. The first flaw is that the game is too difficult for newcomers because it can be hard to understand what to do at any given time. Even skilled players might find themselves struggling from time to time due to how quickly your health regenerates after taking damage. Thankfully, the game offsets this flaw by providing plenty of multi-player options. This is a great feature because it creates varying gaming experiences with the different people you can play with.

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The game’s graphics are also worth mentioning, as the colorful art style makes for an enjoyable experience. The colors make it easier to tell what things are in relation to each other, but we would have preferred more variety when it came to character models and enemy designs.

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We would have also preferred if there weren’t so many large open spaces between special items, most of which are easy for opponents to spot from a distance. It would be nice if they were hidden or protected in some way, but as it is, the game puts you at a disadvantage.

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A final flaw with Risk of Rain 2 comes from its lack of content after completing the main story line. There are only so many times we can play through levels before getting bored and putting this review to rest. The game does offer a challenge for those who want to play through the main story without dying, but that’s about it.

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We found Risk of Rain 2 to be a great game despite its flaws. It’s easy to lose yourself in the hectic gameplay, and we recommend it to anyone who enjoys challenging games with fast-paced combat. The different characters give you unique playstyles that keep things fresh for multiple playthroughs, so there is plenty of value out of just a few hours of playtime.

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Overall, Risk of Rain 2 is a fantastic experience that offers a lot. Hardcore gamers looking for a challenge will love it, but newcomers should be careful of its difficulty.