3DMark is a computer program that helps gamers, overclockers, and system builders benchmark their platforms. The type of information tested includes: DirectX 9 / DX10 / OpenGL 2.1/ OpenCL 1.0 performance in single and multi-threaded mode as well as memory bandwidth performance. We feel that 3DMark is a great testing program for all these reasons.

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3DMark allows users to test a variety of components, including CPUs, memory, and graphics cards with both synthetic benchmarks and real-world gaming tests. This ensures the most accurate representation possible when trying to determine what hardware uses more power under load or which can better handle an intense graphics scenario such as Fur Fur Rendering.

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In addition, 3DMark has a system requirement checker that will alert you if your platform is below the minimum requirements for a specific benchmark. This information can be judged in terms of how suitable it is at predicting real-world performance or as an indicator of whether further upgrades might be beneficial.

The way we see it, if we were able to see our performace scores improve with each new release, we knew that the hardware had more life in it. 3DMark not only provides useful information on your upgrade potential, but it does so in an easy-to-understand manner.

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Another great thing about this program is how it allows users to compare results across platforms and test systems. Comparisons can be drawn between different CPUs, GPUs , RAM kits, motherboards, etc. This is usually done so users can see what kind of impact certain upgrades has on performance or just for bragging rights!

Our final verdict on 3DMark would have to be a 9/10. While there might not be much room for improvement, maybe one day we could see testing programs that are even simpler to use! We highly recommend 3DMark for everyone because it does everything it says, and more! It provides an accurate representation of real-world performance while still providing users with the information they need in an easy-to-understand package.