Shadow Fight 2 is a thrilling mobile fighting game available on Android, IOS and even Nintendo. It has more than 100 million downloads on Google Playstore alone. The game’s animation is fluid and its visuals are stunning. Its great variety of weapons, magic and missions will keep the players engaged. The 2D graphics make it lightweight and fast — allowing it to run on most mobile devices. 

Shadow Fight 2

Challenge yourself to beat the boss at every level and improve your reflexes by learning the game’s combos and pacing. Outgrow your weaknesses and then increase your level to become a formidable fighter. Surpass your enemies as you buy more powerful weapons and armor. Master the game until you defeat the final boss.

Shadow Fight 2 Gameplay

Shadow Fight 2 can be played in single-player mode offline or in clan mode which is online. In single-player mode, the game is divided into 7 stages. Each stage is called an ACT. The 7th ACT will only get unlocked after the player completes the 6 ACTS. You can start the game by fighting one of the five bodyguards before reaching the first general. Defeating the bodyguards unlocks a new game mode in every ACT.

Titan and his generals

Opponents are categorized as EASY, NORMAL, HARD, INSANE and IMPOSSIBLE. When fighting an EASY enemy, you get less damage while dealing greater damage to it. This is the exact opposite when fighting INSANE and IMPOSSIBLE enemies.

The status of the player’s level can be seen on the top menu with a star logo. The bar beside it will keep increasing every time the player defeats an enemy. When the bar gets full, the player will move up to a higher level. A new set of weapons and armor will be available for purchase after reaching a new level.

Game Modes

Boss & Bodyguards. This is the first mode where you need to defeat five bodyguards before you can reach the boss. Beating the boss will allow you to move to the next ACT.

Tournament. This is where you can challenge different opponents to help you earn money and increase your level.

Survival. In this mode, you need to defeat 6 enemies with just one health bar. There’s only one round per enemy and your health will slightly heal after each round.

ACT VI – Game Mode Options

Duel. This requires an internet connection. Random rules and random weapons are applied here. You can only play this mode every 4 hours after finishing a fight.

Challenge. This is similar to Tournament mode but with random rules and weapons like in Duel Mode.

Underworld. Beating the first two bodyguards in the 1st ACT will unlock the Underworld which is an online mode of the game. This is where you can fight strong monsters to earn more money. You can also join a clan to earn extra rewards on top of what you’ll get playing solo.

Combos & Special Skills

At the start of the game, the player will have a limited set of combos but more will be unlocked as the game progresses. You can practice the new combos in the dojo. The player will also gain some special skills when leveling up. Some of these skills will increase the hero’s default damage and critical damage for a limited time. There are some which allow the player to bypass the enemy’s block or increase the hero’s magic recharge.

Shadow vs Titan


Exceptional moves within the game will grant the player achievement badges and earn diamond rewards. Some examples include finishing a round with a critical health level, winning a fight with just punches and throws, defeating a boss, etc. The diamonds earned have various benefits in the game. You can use them to buy some exclusive weapons and armor, buy time in the Underworld, buy energy points to play another game and more.

Tips and Tricks

Timing. The first technique when playing this game is knowing when to attack and when to block. Avoid rushing to press the attack button because a badly-timed attack will leave you in a vulnerable position. This will give the enemy a good opening and hit you hard. Sometimes, you need to wait for the enemy to attack you first to get a good opening before hitting back.

Distance. Each weapon attacks in various ways depending on what combo you’re using. Some attacks are for close combat, some for long range and some for medium distance. Always watch out that you’re using the right attack based on the enemy’s distance. A wrong attack would leave you open to the enemy’s retaliation.

Weapons with Enchantments

Combo. Practice your combos in the dojo before heading out to battle. You’ll see the complete list of combos available for you on the menu. Take note that combos can attack low, mid or high. Use the right combo based on the stance of your opponent.

Upgrade. Always upgrade your weapons and armor to have a higher winning chance against your enemies. Forcing a win with INSANE-level enemies will only waste your time because you’ll most likely need to challenge them several times before you can win. Fighting with upgraded weapons will make it easier for you to beat your enemies and move up faster.

Enchant. Aim to get higher enchantments to make your attacks more painful. The most powerful enchantment that is used by top players is FRENZY because it will boost your attack damage by 150% within 5 seconds. A good combo after triggering FRENZY will help you eliminate your opponent faster.

Shadow Fight 2 Storyline

Its story is about a defiant but skillful warrior who is always looking for a challenge to test his limits. He traveled far and wide to find a strong opponent but he ended up reaching the Gates of Shadows. He broke the rule of the elders by opening its gate. To his surprise, a dark entity rushed to his body and turned him into a shadow. Because of what happened, he took it as his responsibility to fight the demons that he freed from the Gates of Shadows.

The Gates of Shadows