It’s always better to own the game – but that’s only if your pockets are deep enough!

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Renting video games sounds like it was a thing of the past. We no longer have video rental stores and in-person video game stores are starting to disappear due to the rise of online shopping. In the past, there were even some stores where we could rent entire game consoles! It was sad when we started to see these places we loved in our younger years start to shut down. Unfortunately, that also meant our choices for renting video games would be a thing of the past and we would have to start purchasing video games at full prices.

Rent Video Games
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It is Worth Paying the Full Price?

Many video games aren’t worth the full price anymore, mostly because recent video games are often released in unfinished states. Many are simply released as a skeleton of what the game would be and then eventually patched with additional paid downloadable content, or DLC. Their contents are starting to get shorter as well. Some games, such as newer Call of Duty: Black Ops titles, don’t even have a single-player campaign option anymore.

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It’s almost not worth paying full price for games now, and we often sit down and ask ourselves, “Should I rent video games?” The more relevant question should be, “Is there even a place where we could rent them anymore?”

There IS, My Friend, there is!

GameFly is the service that offers video game rentals without having to leave your home! You’ve probably seen commercials for the service back when it was a convenient alternative to brick-and-mortar stores. GameFly’s original competitors were Netflix and Blockbuster Online, which also offered a rental-by-mail service.

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Of course, as Netflix changed to an all-digital format and Blockbuster itself went under, GameFly had to change its business model a bit. GameFly still offers convenient game rentals with no delivery charge now on everything from PS4 and Switch games, to Blu-Rays you can play on your PC or Blu-Ray compatible game consoles. Speaking of game consoles, GameFly also gives you the option to purchase game consoles from them.

GameFly has made it really easy to rent video games for people who don’t want to pay full price or just want to try the game before they buy. The best part is, if you like the game you rented from GameFly, you can keep it for a discount.

Now that’s a good deal!