Bloodhound is an Apex Legends character who detects other things and people, with the emphasis on detection. He is known for his signature mask, and his pet crow, which attacks and detects people. Of course like many characters, he mainly focuses on killing people. The main thing that makes him stand out from the rest is the crow on his arm. When you play as Bloodhound you can also see crows throughout the game that no other characters can see.

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In this guide, we’ll share the story of the crow, why Bloodhound is the only one who can see them, how his name gives him special tracking abilities, and why he is one of the few characters in Apex Legends who wears a mask.

Reasons Behind the Crow

Bloodhound has a pet crow to help him be the last person to be alive on the island. The crow helps Bloodhound in many different ways such as finding enemies around him, so he can eliminate them from the island. First, it is important to discuss the origins of the crow.

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Throughout history, a crow or raven symbolizes bad omen, bad luck, or even death, especially since crows fly around a dead animal in nature, which is somewhat incorporated into the game. It is extremely fitting for a man known to kill all his opponents within seconds.

The crows fly around tracks to show Bloodhound the way to his next kill. That goes with his Bloodhound name, like the dog. Just remember that the crows have the innate ability to travel in pacts and surround death, which in the game is represented by showing Bloodhound the tracks to his next kill. Another reason why Bloodhound has a crow is because crows are a creature of the night and are silent killers.

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Why are Crows Tracking Enemies?

These crows help give the character his Bloodhound name. A Bloodhound, if you just google the name, is a type of dog known for their tracking abilities. They usually rely on their sense of smell, but since this is not possible in a video game, the crows were used instead. The implementation of the crows were for a visual representation of the outstanding tracking abilities that the character has. At the end of the day, Bloodhound uses crows to track enemies’ tracks, because he has the tracking ability of a Bloodhound dog without the extra strong sense of smell.

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Why Does Bloodhound Wear a Mask?

One feature that separates Bloodhound from the rest of the Apex Legends characters is actually a cosmetic appearance instead of a power he possesses. In this case, it is his mask that separates him from the rest of the characters. Strap in, because this is a wild story!

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Similar to other masked characters from many different comics and stories across time, Bloodhound’s parents died at a young age while he was just a child. His parents were engineers, so naturally he had the inclination to experiment with technology. Although he was taken in by his uncle, who did not favor modern technology at all, Bloodhound secretly experimented with technology and became an engineer himself. With this influence from technology, it is why his mask looks like something out of a steampunk future.

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Bloodhound wears his mask out of shame and wants to keep his identity a secret. Similar to why the Mandalorian wears a mask, Bloodhound wants to keep his identity a secret and avenge his family all by himself. He devoted his life to being the local Robinhood fighting against criminals to bring justice to the poor of his community and rid it of evil. Of course if his identity was revealed he would be caught immediately and justice would never be served.

Why Should You Use Bloodhound

Some reasons Bloodhound should be your main Apex Legend is his ability in tracking people. Another reason is Bloodhound’s ultimate that turns him into the ultimate killer, sniffing out all targets nearby and boosting your movement speed. Bloodhound is great at pinpointing the location of your enemies, so he works best on a team together with friends. With a little communication, your team will be unstoppable! Unfortunately, he is not the best main to use if you decide to go solo. But, of course, there is no solo mode for this game! If you are playing with strangers without any communication expected, you should probably pick a different character instead.

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The Scent of Blood is in the Air

There are many different characters that you can choose from in Apex Legends, but Bloodhound is the most unique out of the entire bunch. With his crow, who represents impending doom, and an ominous mask that hides his true self, Bloodhound truly stands apart. He is a great main character to use on a team of your friends that you play with consistently, because you can call out enemies left and right.

However if you are not going to communicate, then perhaps give Bloodhound a miss and consider Gibraltar, who can take on the world! Or if you want someone who just isn’t a wet blanket, consider Lifeline! She talks. A lot!