Is the Witcher 3 new game plus an essential addition to the “Wild Hunt” experience? Like a dame’s dress, a good game should be short enough to avoid becoming a bore, while long enough to give players a bang for their buck.

This new game plus – isn’t.


As many of you have, I too have put an extraordinarily high volume of hours into the Witcher 3, and yet inevitably there comes a time, as with any game’s lifespan, when the curtain must definitively close. Regardless of content, or lack thereof.

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After all, The Witcher 3 is vastly significant in size, notwithstanding the exceptional DLC packages, which offer plenty of bang for your buck. On that note, the base game itself is colossal – more than sufficient in size and scale. With that in mind, is the Witcher 3 new game plus a helpful bonus or an unnecessary hindrance?

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What is it they say, “all good things must come to an end”? It’s not as though The Witcher 3 is redundant or skimping on content in any way; in fact, the truth amounts to the contrary. As far as RPGs are concerned, the Witcher 3 possesses one of the most colossally-sized maps in terms of sheer scale. And that’s excluding the depth of lore and mythos entrenched in its identity.

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Often, it can be daunting, even overwhelming, to stare down at a sprawling map whereby mission markers sprout up at an alarming and seemingly infinite rate. But before I give off the wrong impression, I want to make one thing abundantly clear: new content of any kind, whether that’s for longevity purposes or not, should never be devalued.

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Not least so, when we live in an age in which publishers promote games using the live service model. And thus, this equates to diminishing returns on our assets, in favor of a “buy now, play later” mentality. With that said, extension of any form, so long as it’s free from monetization, is a worthwhile investment.

However, occasionally, as a gamer, all we desire is a decent payoff. You know, for all those labor-intensive hours spent grinding away. After all, the feeling of closure takes precedence over the nature of infinity. At least, in my view.

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From my perspective, the developers, CD Projekt Red treated the Witcher 3 as a labor of love, constantly exceeding the call of duty, nurturing the depth of detail housed within. Besides, the densely populated city is flush with interesting NPCs, alongside all those intriguing side quests, which combine to give a significant impact on the game and invigorate it, thus, immersing the player.

Additionally, the more remote towns and quaint villages have just as much impact, often leading to supernaturally orientated missions, requiring the use of Geralt’s Witcher senses and immense tracking abilities. Those things considered, the broad spectrum of mission types is extensive throughout the core experience.

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If we take those points under advisement for a moment, does the efficiency of the stand-alone game leave room for The Witcher 3 new game plus? Is it a necessary commodity?

In my eyes, no. At least, that’s my interpretation. However, if I were to place myself in the shoes of a devoted fan, then any way to extend the core experience would be a benefit. A quest log inundated with tasks can have a paralyzing effect on the mind. Not only that but a continuous supply of side-quests can spoil the value of an endgame.

Stray too far away from the beaten track for extensive periods and the underlying narrative can rapidly become obsolete. However, I acknowledge some loyal fans’ sole wish is to consume as much time enveloped in the Witcher world as possible. And to them, I say good luck and Godspeed. Or maybe not too speedy!

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There’s nothing better than an endless stream of content in a world you wish you could inhabit in real life. I get that, and it’s a special feeling when that sense of envelopment materializes.

But after 100 hours or so, the Witcher 3 new game plus becomes more of an irritation, as opposed to a divine offering. Although I must stress, I am airing views from just one perspective and may not speak out for some other, more dedicated, Witcher fans. Therefore, many will enjoy the timeless, everlasting elements to The Witcher 3 new game plus.

One of the excellent points to The Witcher 3 new game plus is that gear and collectibles carry over from the previous playthrough. This ends up in the initial phases of the game providing little in the way of challenge or resistance, much like FromsoftwaresBournesouls games.

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Of course, our insatiable appetite for content continues to increase as the consumer. But inevitably, there comes a time when a game must cease to exist. Besides, concepts can’t live in perpetuity, including video games.

If there truly is a want to continue wrapping oneself in the current fictional world we are in, perhaps we can seek other sources, such as Netflix’s upcoming The Witcher series.

The way I picture it, once the core game and its DLC hit the market, any time after that, should be dedicated to a follow-up game in the franchise, be that a sequel or prequel. What I do adore is the dedication CD Projekt Red puts into every single game and the length of development time each installment receives.

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For me, the comprehensive core experiences of the Witcher 3 trumps the Witcher 3 new game plus any day. With that in mind, Cyberpunk 2077 is set to be yet another content-generous offering from one of the world’s most esteemed development teams.

What are your impressions on Witcher 3 new game plus? As always, we appreciate your contributions, so pitch in on the chat, below.