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When most players start Fortnite, they quickly realize how hard aiming is. One of the basic mechanics in the game is shooting, yet so many players have a hard time with it. Why?

Muscle memory.

Aiming takes practice, time, and lots of muscle training. No matter what platform you’re on, aiming is tough. It is crucial, it is key, and it is the game itself, thereby being categorized as a shooter game.

There are quite a few ways you can train your aim which can expedite the speed at which you improve. Each platform has its own way of aim training, so there will be different sections for each.

Any player can fall into different aim types. These categories are:

● High Sens/Flicky Aim
● Low Sens/Smooth Aim
● Medium Sens/Tracking Aim

Normally, most console players fall into the smooth and track because aim assist makes it much easier to track with SMGs. Players on the PC usually have jittery aim because of issues with the precision of their mice. But everyone has their own comfort zones and styles of play, so go ahead and use any method that best suits you from the styles below.

Aiming Like a Pro on the PC

I began getting more serious with gaming after I built my own computer. I immediately bought and downloaded CS:GO. In my opinion, CS:GO is a great way of training your aim. The AK-47 helps with flicks and tapping, two very important skills for Fortnite. That’s why my aim is so flicky and jittery.

While I was still improving my aim, I discovered aim maps. These are basically custom maps purely made for aim training. If you’re just starting out, I highly recommend jumping into one of these and spending an hour or so practicing. For a good creative map in Fortnite, try out this one by Beaks: 1642-1148-8943.

These can only take you so far because they can’t simulate the randomness of a real game. For a more realistic scenario, trying playing some zone wars or regular pub games.

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Practice Makes Perfect on Consoles

Due to the limitations of joysticks, console players will always be at a disadvantage when it comes to aiming. To compensate, they get aim assist, which has its own advantages. While it may not be the quickest, they have significantly better tracking, which makes automatic weapons much more lethal. Watch NickMercs for twenty seconds and you’ll see what I mean. He’s a monster with an SMG.

So don’t take too many flick shots, instead, practice dropping into hot spots and getting into gunfights. You can also practice aim maps, but I think, in terms of the console, playing against real-time opponents is the best way.

Blazing On the Go

I’m not gonna lie, aiming on mobile devices is tough. Two fingers dragging across a somewhat accurate touch display can never compare to a mouse. Even with heavy aim assist. Some players have gotten shockingly good, so clearly there is a possibility for decent aim.

For some good rules on how to improve aim, check out this quora post. Mainly, you can just improve your aim on mobile devices by playing and practicing.

Want to be the Next Simo Häyhä?

Lots of people think that aim is the magic switch to becoming a Fortnite god. They couldn’t be farther from the truth. There are so many things you need to develop first: game sense, positioning, rotations, building, editing, and more. Don’t overthink it, good aim will come with good practice. Read up some more incredible tips from How Not to Suck at PUBG!