Pokemon Sword and Shield is another installment in one of Nintendo’s biggest franchises, but with the Nintendo Switch. The game will be the first main series game of the eighth generation and only the second to release on a non-handheld console.

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Those lucky enough to get their hands on the Pokemon Sword & Shield demo at San Diego Comic Con got a chance to play the same demo that was offered exclusively at E3. However, for those who weren’t able to check the game out at E3, this will be a welcome demo for those wanting to look at the Dynamax feature.

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Players who got to check out the SDCC demo had a look at one of the gyms and the puzzles and battles it offered, including a face-off with the gym’s leader, the water-type trainer, Nessa.

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The demo allowed players to check out the Dynamax feature which grows their Pokemon into giant, sometimes comedic, versions of themselves that makes them a more powerful version of their smaller size.

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The Pokemon on display at the San Diego Comic Con demo of Sword and Shield were Yamper, Impidimp, Scorbunny, Sobble, and Grookey.

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Players most likely enjoyed the fact that they could once again battle in gyms like previous Pokemon games before the Pokemon Sun and Moon games that took place in the Alola region. However, producer Junichi Masuda, gave a disappointing announcement that only one generation of Pokemon will be in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

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Unlike previous Pokemon entries, who allowed the transferring of Pokemon from previous generations, they decided to exclude previous generations in order to reduce development time. While players are understandably upset, we’re sure Nintendo isn’t going to have too many issues selling Pokemon Sword and Shield on the Nintendo Switch upon its release later this year in November 2019.

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