In truth, the Lifeline Apex Legends Quotes have already taken the world by storm and have garnered new meaning, both on and off the battlefield. As a playable character, Lifeline acts as the bedrock to any successful Apex Legends squad.

Mainly due to her last-ditch healing abilities during the heat of battle, and also because of her colorful persona and amusing one-liners, the latter of which have been given cult-status by the community.

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Lifeline, also known as Ajay Che, acts as a combat medic and is free-to-play, right from the start of the base game. A humanitarian at heart, Ajay takes part in the bloody Apex Games to raise funds for the Frontier Corps, a charitable organization hellbent on helping communities in need.

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Each character in Apex Legends comes equipped with their own set of quirky quotes and kill quips. Additionally, each line brings a much-needed touch of frivolity to all the chaos and carnage manifesting on screen. After all, this is a blood sport. And when things get a little heavy, you can always rely on a cheeky catchphrase to lighten the mood.

Thankfully, Lifeline offers up plenty of these musings, which range from comical to the downright bizarre. And that’s true of all the Legends in Apex. These are all heard at the character selection screen. Each of which varies depending on the players level.

After extensive research, we’ve managed to trawl the archives. As a result, we’re delighted to bring you a list of quotes spoken from the harlequin-in-the-making. Just a cautionary detail, most of these occur at the character selection screen. Also, one thing you’ll notice is that some of these words contain a pronounced twang.

That’s because the playable character Lifeline has a thick Jamaican/Caribbean accent, adding plenty of soulful flavor to her personality.

So, without delay, it’s time to sit back, relax, and enjoy a quality selection of Lifeline Apex Legends Quotes. After all, Apex wouldn’t be the same without them.


“Get ready; today is not gonna be easy.”

Gwan, try to stop me.”

“Cmon, we’ve got work to do.”

“Let’s get the job done.”

“We’re in this together, remember dat.”

“Pay attention, might learn a ting or two.”

“This is gonna be a good fight.”

“It’s only over when it’s over.”

“I’ve got your back, member me tell you.”

“You and me, let’s take this win.”

“Big tings are comin’ for us.”

“It’s time to impress.”

“Now roll with me, I’m ready for a match.”

“Breathe easy, watch your side, and never quit.”

“This place is someting else, let’s go.”

We’ve got a job to do, so shift ya carcass.”

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Thankfully, the fun doesn’t stop there. On that note, here are some more lines of dialogue from the trendy, life-saving hipster. Que the Lifeline Apex Legends Quotes:

“Small up yaself, Ajay Che comin’ tru.”

“Last one down and a boom boom.”

“Come get ya healing drone.”

“Come on now, ramp with me.”

“Pass me dat sugar” (when applying the health drone)

“You ain’t that bright if you wanna take me on.”

“Wanna be here, take me out.”

“It takes a lot to take me out.”

“Want advice, stay outta’ ma way.”

“Memba dis face, it’s comin’ for ya.”

“Ha! You’re looking at a fighter! What am I lookin’ at?”

“I’ve seen it all, today no different.”

“A win don’t come easy, for you.”

“Champion challenger means little if you die.”

“I ain’t afraid of you, ya hear me?”

“This is not ma first time.”

“This is ma win, member dat.”

“Take this loss as pride.”

“Take this with motivation; be betta.”

In truth, these are just a few of Lifeline catchphrases & voice lines. However, there are plenty more where that came from (giant fist-pump of ecstasy). Unfortunately, there’s no official database to call upon at present. Meaning, it’s impossible to account for all of them. Hopefully, though, this is something EA and Respawn Entertainment will address in the not-too-distant future. Not least so, as voice lines play a fundamental part of Apex Legends.

Perhaps a wiki dedicated to emotes, kill-quips and character quotes would be an excellent place to start? But that may be wishful thinking.

Alternatively, you can visit the in-game Apex store, where you can unlock kill & intro quips for in-game currency. But be warned, it’s not cheap. On that rather extortionate note, be sure to have plenty of reserve money stacked away in the kitty-bank. Sometimes it’s nice to splash the cash, regardless of savings.

That about wraps up our extensive list of Lifelines Apex Legends Quotes. So, I’ll depart with this line, as I wish all you brave warriors fortune in the field:

“Don’t worry, it’s easy. Bleed, patch, and keep moving.”

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So, there you have it, folks — the Lifeline Apex Legends Quotes, in all their whimsical glory. But we want to hear from you, the gamer. Which is your favorite one-liner? As always, we welcome all contributions. So please, have your say via the chat below.

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