Just exactly when is the Halo Infinite release date? Halo 6, now known as Halo Infinite, hangs on the horizon and is poised to arrive at some point towards the tail-end of 2020. And, although news of Halo Infinite first aired at E3 2018, it wasn’t until this year’s E3 event that fans received five minutes of tantalizingly tasty footage.

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So, with that in mind, when is the official Halo Infinite release date?

Well, before we become swept up in the romantic notion of a release date and frantically raid the kitty bank in awe of what’s to come, here are a few pointers you should know of before you invest.

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Firstly, Halo Infinite will be the immediate successor to Halo 5. Inevitably then, this means that the story will revolve around the iconic series’ protagonist, Master Chief. And, that can only be positive news to diehard fans worldwide. A welcome return, I’d say.

Many had called into question, just why, in fact, the number, had been dropped from the game title. But don’t worry feverish fans. Thankfully, the Master is confirmed to be back in magnificent fashion.

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Despite slim pickings when it comes to story content, what we do know as a dead cert is that the Chief is back. But the circumstances surrounding his destiny in the latest installment are still very much unclear.

And to make matters worse, the trailer gives us very little to go on. At least story-wise. Apart from an unidentified UNSC soldier floating through deep space in a Pelican. Of course, the Master does make an appearance here, but we won’t give the entire game away just yet.

Aesthetically, the Chief appears to have reverted to his roots. The Helmet, for instance, shares the same look and feel from the original games, and the similarities don’t stop there.

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But I digress, back to the Halo Infinite release date. Despite no exact shelf date to speak of, we do have an estimated time of arrival. Halo Infinite is due to release during the Winter of 2020. More importantly, though, Halo 6 is the launch title for Microsoft’s next-gen console, codenamed Scarlett. So, what does this mean for fans of the franchise?

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Well, the inclusion of next-gen hardware brings with it a new horizon of possibilities. Players can expect vastly superior graphics, alongside deeper systems and mechanics, outside of the familiar FPS framework typically associated with a Halo game.

Additionally, these enhancements are sure to seep into core game modes. Halo Infinite will have multiplayer of some sort. But any details remain thin on the ground. And although battle-royale is off the cards, local, split-screen multiplayer will feature.

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Lastly, Halo 6 will release on Xbox and PC. But despite the Halo Infinite release date being relatively far away, there is plenty to get excited about, in anticipation.

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