Ever feel that there’s not much of a wait time during the matchmaking sessions? Or that it feels like every 10th person you meet in your neighborhood plays this game too? Your mind would have begged this one question…

Just how many people play League of Legends!?

Let’s dive into the League of Legends player count in 2019 and find out just how popular is this wondrously massive game!

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League of Legends is a healthy game that shows no indication of slowing down. With esports becoming more popular than ever on top of the gaming platform, Twitch, giving the game constant exposure, there’s no reason to believe the game itself is dying. In 2014, Riot Games, the developers behind League of Legends came out with a number of 67 million people playing a month, 27 million playing a day, and 7.5 million people playing at once during peak hours. However, that was over five years ago. What is the current League of Legends player count in 2019?

It almost doubled to over 100 million players in a month.

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How in the world did that happen you ask? In 2011, the first League of Legends world championship was held in Sweden back when esports was still a growing industry and the world still thought it was just a bunch of sweaty men getting together to blow each other up with their cartoon characters.

However, once the industry started blooming in the later 2000s with Olympic-level tournaments so big that there are murmurs of including them in the Olympics, people started taking esports players seriously. People started seeing the money these players earn and want to replicate that kind of success. I mean, who doesn’t want to get paid to be popular for playing video games?

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With the League of Legends player count rising due to push from the industry, social media, and the online streaming, there’s no reason to believe League of Legends is a dying game. One’s individual experience in not participating does not equate to a game’s decline as much as they hope.

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For those hoping to bring down a giant, their individual aversion to the game is not going to affect the player count or the health of a game that will be around for years to come. With the Olympics thinking of including esports, it’s only fair to assume the numbers will continue to rise.